High Speed at 1500RPM 

TYPE: Cold starting, single cylinder, vertical, water cooled enclosed, compression ignition, four stroke engine.

ROTATION: The standard rotation is clockwise facing the fly wheel.

COMBUSTION: Open type combustion chamber in all aluminum alloy chamber.

BEARINGS: Main bearings are taper roller of finest quality large and bearings are of bi-metal alloy lined steel backed shell bushes for valve rocker and small end of connecting rod are of phosphorus bronze.

GEARS & DRIVES: Standard engine is fitted with best quality cast Iron timing gears. Power take off is possible only from fly wheel end special engine is fitted with steel timing gear providing additional power take off from gear end at half or full speed of the engine.

FUEL SYSTEM: Fuel is supplied to the fuel pump by gravity feed through in fuel tank a fabric fitter. A fitter is also provided at the Inlet of Nozzle holder.

LUBRICATION SYSTEM: Forced feed by plunger type oil pump to large end bearing. Other working parts are splash lubricated by pass filter and wire mess strainer are provided for cleaning the engine oil.

GOVERNING: Fixed speed centrifugal governor is mounted on the cam shaft gear wheel. Speed variation is controlled with in limits to comply with Indian standard no. 11170-1985.

BALANCING: Engine is efficiently balanced with to balance weights as integral part of crank shaft. Flywheel is balanced to give smooth operation to ensure long life of moving parts.

COOLING: Engine cooling is arranged by run through water supply as well as by radiator or cooling tank.

EXHAUST SYSTEM: A pepper pot type silencer gives adequate silencing.

AIR CLEANER: Oil bath type or pepper type air cleaner is fitted for efficient cleaning.

The engine is designed for starting by hand.

CYLINDER HEAD: Cast iron, detachable type to provide adequate cooling of parts.

STANDARD EQUIPMENT: Starting Handle, Five Wrenches, Silencer, Screw Driver, Air Cleaner, Oil Can.

1. RADIATOR          2. FOUNDATION BOLT            3. DRUM PULLEY

High Speed Water cooled Technical Specification 

High Speed Air Cooled Technical Specification