Welding cum Domestic

APPLICATION: The Sterling STERLING BHARAT Welding cum Domestic generator set are the dependable power source for industries. Projects and domestic light and welding purpose etc.

GENERAL DESCRIPTION: The STERLING BHARAT diesel Welding cum Domestic generating sets are manufactured and are tested to comply with BS 2613: 1970 and IS 10001 for engine respectively. The welding cum light generating sets is coupled through flexible rubber coupling of high quality with best suitable rating STERLING BHARAT make ‘ISI’ mark diesel engine to give high performance at all loads.The engine and welding cum domestic alternator the perfectly aligned and assembled on a sturdily fabricated base frame made of high quality MS channels with high quality rubber wheels trolley for easy movement and shifting.      

CONSTRUCTION: The welding cum domestic generating sets are having rotating armature from which output is collected through slipperiness and brush gear assembly. The stationary stator is of robust construction, made from mild steel & carries four poles. Each pole is provided main and auxiliary field windings. The class B insulation is used through- out. All windings are vacuum impregnated, duly baked at the proper temperature to prevent the ingress of moisture. The end shields are of cast iron. The screen protection is provided to protect the armature winding, field windings and other accessories from dust, as well as provided ventilating facility.

“SKF”make ball bearings are used properly greased and with provision of re-lubrication in service whenever required . The slip ring are of phosphorus bronze carbon brushes of ample size are used for continuous running at rated load . The radial balanced fan is used to give the equal amount of air in each direction. A large size terminal box is mounted on the top of the welding cum domestic generating sets. All armature are balanced for long life of ball bearings and to make welding cum domestic generating sets vibration free.


EXCITATION: The welding cum domestic generating sets are self excited and self regulated. The generator field retains a high degree of residual magnetism to ensure that the voltage will always build up on starting . Two field winding i.e main and auxiliary field windings are fed by separate rectifiers . The main field is in series with the load . The preset resistance is provided to adjust the no load excitation as per requirement.

PERFORMANCE: The efficiency and output ratings are mentioned in rating chart for ready reference. The ratings are suitable for continuous duty at full load but the over load capacity is 10% for one hour as per BS 2613 :1970, at over load, voltage remains near to the rated value.

REGULATIONS: Strictly the voltage regulation is maintained with in ±5% of the rated voltage at all loads and at the specified power factor, with 4.5% linear speed rise of prime mover full load to no load, the full load speed being the rated speed.

LEAD & TERMINALS: All the leads are properly marked by PVC ferules. The output terminals are housed in top mounted terminal box. A cable gland is provided to facilitate the cable entry.

MAINTENANCE & SERVICES: All efforts have been made to ensure trouble free running and easy maintenance .The spares can be supplied if required with the certainly of inter changeability. We have trained and competitive staff to attend the complaints of any nature promptly.

GUARANTEE: We undertake the guarantee for twelve calendar months against any manufacturing defect and workmanship. However the guarantee is inoperative if the generator is disturbed or repaired by unauthorized person or overloaded . The design are subject to change due to regular improvement of the product at our works, without prior information.









SB 7.5

2 KW/220V

12 TO 8 NO.





SB 15


12 TO 4 NO.