PP-R Pipes

For decades people have been using conventional pipes like G.I P.V.C etc. for Plumbing application and had to make do with their inherent problems such as rusting, scaling, weak joints, reaction with water etc. because of no alternative.

Water the elixir of life is most abused in these pipes. STERLING IRRIGATIONS founded on the principle of saving water and in its constant endeavor to provide the consumers with best, technologically advanced and commercially viable products, now present PP-R Plumbing Solutions for life. Our Brand Sterling is well known.

Sterling PP-R Pipes and Fitting are used for hot and cold water supply, suitable for all sanitary and potable water application. The raw material of Sterling Pipe and Fitting is Polypropylene Random Copolymer. This material because of its high quality, balanced mechanical properties and superior long term heat resistance is most reliable for Plumbing application. The Pipe and Fitting are joined by fusion technique, eliminating threads or solvents used for joining conventional pipes, thus ensuring a perfect seal and a leak-proof joint even under the hardest conditions of use.

pipes are manufactured as per germs standard DIN 8077-8078 and fitting as per DIN 16962. Sterling PP-R Products are white in colour, eco-friendly hygienically safe and non-carcinogenic. Depending on pressure, it is possible to use Sterling PP-R Pipe System for constant temperature upto 70ºC with service life of 50 years. Peak Temp. of 95ºC arising from short disruption are unproblematic. Complete range of Sterling PP-R Pipes and Fitting are available to meet all possible Plumbing needs.

Extremely long life of at lest 50 years.

Taste and odour neutral, thus does not affect the quality of water.

Unique and unrivaled jointing technique (requiring no other material, offering 100% leak proof system.)

Good impact strength.
Physiologically harmless.
No Bacterial growth.
Heat-preservation and energy-saving.
Resistance to high temperature (95ºC) .
Convenient and reliable installation.
No pipe furring.
Recyclable-for the benefit of environment.
100% Resistant to internal and external corrosion.
No calcification, no scaling.
Light weight.
Smooth inner surface.
Sound insulation.

Potable water pipe networks for cold and hot water installations. i.e. in residential buildings, hospitals, hotels, office and school buildings.
Pipe networks for rainwater utilization system.
Pipe networks for air conditioning.
Pipe networks for swimming pool facilities.
Pipe networks for solar plants.
Pipe networks in agriculture and horticulture.
Pipe networks for industry, i.e. transport of aggressive fluids ?(acids, etc.)
Transport of liquid foods.
Floor heating pipes for residential houses.