Can draw water pumps from 8 meters depth low NPSHR requirement.
High discharge and efficiency, low power input.
Robust Design: Can withstand adverse, working conditions.
Constructed with high quality components for long life.
Best quality bearings for quiet, smooth and trouble free service.
Simple design for easy maintenance.
Produced under strict quality control.


Suitable for direct coupling to engine. Supplied with strong and simple coupling.
Clockwise rotation when viewed from suction end.
Easy mounting on channels or base plates.


Sterling Bharat pumps with Sterling Bharat Diesel Engines form a unique pumping set unit well known for their sturdy construction, high efficiency and excellent hydraulic performance for agricultural applications.



CASTING: Volute casing is made of close grained cast iron, designed with smooth spiral passage to convert kinetic energy into pressure energy with low resistance to flow.

IMPELLER: The impeller made of close grained cast iron has well designed vanes to convert most of the velocity into pressure with a high degree of efficiency.

SHAFT: Made of ground EN 9 steel for minimum wear and tear and long life.

BALL BEARING: Grease lubricated ball bearing is of the highest quality to give noise and trouble free operation.

SUPPORTING FRAME: Sturdy cast iron construction to with stand axial thrust.

STUFFING BOX: Well designed with high quality graphited gland packing to provide effective water, seal and cool and friction less operation.

SUCTION DELIVERY PIPE FLANGES: Faced and drilled for leak proof mounting.

QUALITY CONTROL & TESTING: Each component of the pump is subjected to rigorous inspection at various stage of manufacture and assembly resulting in a high quality standard of the pump. Full performance testing of the pumps is done as per statistical quality control plan